As a Calligrapher I’m often asked


how long does it take to do my envelopes?

It usually takes about a week to do 120 envelopes. I’m almost always booked.  That said, I have never turned down a job;  somehow it always works. 


What do you charge for envelopes?

My fee is $2.50 per outer envelope and .75 for the inner. Please call for any other pricing.


How did you get started Writing?

I have always loved art and design.  My first commissioned job was in high school.  Calligraphy was a natural progression. I started studying, joined the calligraphy guild and here I  am 10 years later. It’s so rewarding and I love my customers and the way they stretch me. *My friend and florist, Lynne Campbell, with the Queen; hopefully my new customer.